Monday, December 26, 2011


It happens when you think you know everything about something but when you have to write something about it you can’t write a thing. Sports dissertations can be an example. You think you know every thing about sports but when you start writing you don’t find words to put on the paper.

That’s because it’s a part of our everyday life and it’s in our subconscious that we know all about sports. Writing sports dissertations can be a tough ask if that’s the case with you.

Here are a few guidelines to writing sports dissertations

Choosing a topic can be hard because you don’t know what exactly you should write about a sport. You r advisor can help you with this. Talk to your advisor about some potential topics and choose one of them.

Grab the attention of your readers by writing about something which is now and here. Give something which the reader wants to know about. E.g. dope issues.

Format has to be chosen before you write your sports dissertations. Be it qualitative or quantitative.

Never think you know everything about your topic and look for the information and things you don’t know.

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