Sunday, March 28, 2010

Management dissertation topics simplified

When going for an advanced academic degree it’s always difficult to decide, which area of management dissertation topics should be chosen, which causes a lot of confusion, stress and anxiety. To tackle this problem you should follow the following Key pointers which will ultimately turn the tables for you, and will make it a lot easier to decide the right topic.

Choose a topic according to your interest. Don’t choose an area of business management dissertation topics that you don’t like because when you will start working on it eventually you will lose interest in it and your assignment will be messed up.

Do a lot of research over the internet. Internet is sources where you can find almost everything that exist on the planet earth. Visit blogs and websites associated with management dissertations topics to get different ideas.

Never forget to take advice from your supervisors. They are the ones who have a reservoir of dissertation knowledge; you won’t lose your track if you are working under their guidance.

Many people deal with business management dissertation topics as they are impossible to choose and write. But the fact is, nothing is impossible in the world. Even the word “impossible” itself spells: “I.M.POSSIBLE”!

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Monday, March 22, 2010


Nobody told you how to write a bibliography? This article will take you through the process of bibliography in a nice and easy way.

A detailed list of all the works you have cited to constitute your dissertation is called bibliography. Be it a magazine, a book or an article. This last small piece of work can be very helpful to you and your reader. It may sound tiresome but it is vital to your dissertation.

If you want to learn how to write a bibliography. These nine key points will help you write your bibliography effectively.

I. There is a special format for all kinds of references. Be careful about these formats.
II. Update your record every time you use a reference. You won’t be able to that in the end.
III. Keep in mind the basics of writing.
IV. Mention the authors’ names in alphabetical order. Use (et al) for multiple writers.
V. Mention the name of the city only not the country.
VI. Write down the entire publishers name in publishing order.
VII. Use only the registered title.
VIII. Mention the dates of publishing in DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY format.
IX. Always give page numbers to better guide your reader.

Hence, this article taught you how to write annotated bibliography.

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Friday, March 19, 2010


Dissertation discussions chapter of your dissertation is the most interactive part of your dissertation discussions. It’s like you and your friends are having a discussion about something you were exploring. Dissertation discussions chapter helps you write down your own findings and research in a way that you can relate it to the research and information of other scholars.

While writing a dissertation discussion chapter you have to mention the key conclusions of your work and their details relating your information and your references as well which of course can be qualitative or quantitative. You have to list down some key issues you faced while you were doing your research. Don’t forget to propose further research ideas. This will relate your work to any future researches.

Remember the intention of dissertation discussions chapter is to discuss the topic not to force yours or anyone else’s opinions on the minds of the readers. I hope now you know how to write a dissertation discussion.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Usually the last thing about anything is the most important thing. Same is with the dissertation conclusion chapter. It holds special importance and its own position. Without writing dissertation conclusion you will be wasting a lot which you can’t afford if you want good grades. This article will tell you how to write a dissertation conclusion.

Always write your results in a prioritized way so that the reader can have a bird’s eye view of all your findings. Have confidence in yourself and emphasize that your research is vital and it can change things. To get the readers’ interest in your dissertation conclusion always talk about the answers rather than questions.

Get into the minds of the readers by asking questions about the future or paint a picture of the future related to the topic of your dissertation. If you have used someone else’s research in your piece, don’t forget to mention it. People will hold you trustworthy in their minds if you do so.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Have you been overlooking your dissertation content table so far thinking it’s not something important and all it’s going to do is waste your time? Are you having problems in reviewing some parts of you dissertation only because you can’t find them in the first place?

Don’t worry. You are late but not too late. Now you can construct your dissertation contents table and solve this problem for yourself and your future readers.

A dissertation table of contents should have all chapters, sections, sub sections, reference list, bibliography, abbreviation list and appendices. In a perfect dissertation contents table, the table list and illustrations will follow the table of contents and list tables, photographs, photocopies and diagrams in the order of appearance. Don’t wait until the end to construct your dissertation contents page and do it all along.

Now get back to your dissertation and start working on your dissertation content page.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Dissertation Layout

Dissertation writing is not an easy task to be accomplished. You have to go through a lot for dissertation and the block where you have to start on your dissertation is a dissertation layout. Here are the points that you should consider for dissertation layouts:

• Develop a title page with your main heading placed at the center; then leave about 4-5 line spaces to write your name, university and department where you study.

• Thank every person who has aid you even a bit for your dissertation writing.

• Create a table of contents for with the chapters that relate your subject matter and mention the page number for each chapter.

• Abstract is an essence of a dissertation layout. You should portray synopsis about your dissertation with strong arguments in the abstract.

• Refer to cites that may assist you in background study for dissertation; then move on to develop your dissertation proposal.

• Share your own point of views about the research methodologies that the great scholars have adopted in past in order to review your literature in a comprehensive manner.

• Use questionnaires, surveys and other research tools to find out more about the subject matter you have been assigned to do.

• Conclude your dissertation with critical points to give your dissertation, a final touch.

• Don’t forget to mention the references at the end of your dissertation.

• If you have some extra information to share; only then use appendices.

In a nut shell, dissertation layouts are first to be considered whenever you have been assigned to submit a dissertation.

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Friday, March 12, 2010


You have selected a topic without any background research and interest. Without consulting a dissertation guide you have conducted a research with whatever sources were easily available. You have not designed your conclusion and reviewed your dissertation and now you have a bulk of papers in your hand and you call it a dissertation. You are mistaken. That’s not a dissertation. You need a dissertation guide.

This dissertation guide will tell you the following key points to formulate a good dissertation. The key points of this dissertation writing guide are as follows

i. A carefully chosen topic, which reflects your interests and benefits you need.
ii. A topic without any work done on it before.
iii. A to the point secondary research
iv. An extensive primary research.
v. Skillfully arranged and prioritized information.
vi. A conclusion par excellence
vii. An over all careful review

I hope the keys provided in this dissertation guide will unlock the success for you.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Every part of your body has its own reason to be in the body. It serves a different role which no other part can substitute. Your dissertation chapters are like the body parts of your dissertation. All dissertation chapters have their own unique role and you can’t afford to ignore them.

The following are some key facts you should know about all dissertation chapters.

Dissertation introduction chapter

This chapter of dissertation should not be longer than 200 words or about 2 pages. You should only say what you have in your dissertation and nothing alien to your dissertation.

Dissertation methodology chapter

The methodology chapter in dissertation is the main framework of the dissertation building around which the building blocks are constructed. It has to have every single detail about your thesis. Talk about your research methodology as well.

Dissertation conclusion chapter

The dissertation chapter is more like a summary of the research. It should be precise yet effective.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Road Map for your Linguistics Dissertation

Have you been asked to submit a linguistics dissertation? Or Are you out of ideas to think out of the box for your Language Dissertation? Whatever the case you are in, you don’t have to worry any more as the following topics serve as a road map to Linguistic Dissertations:

Objective of Study: Linguistics can elaborate scientific methods with great ease.

Characteristic Model: You should mention the standard model of linguistics in your Linguistics Dissertation. Generative school has approved Generative theory to be used as a standard for linguistics.

Solution to Unsolved Riddles: Questions that have become a riddle today can be resolved through sub-divisions of linguistics namely evolutionary, diachronic and Socio-Linguistics.

What does a certain sign, symbol or tone refer to? It’s a great idea to include this question in your Linguistics Dissertation because linguistics can answer why structures such as Alchemy, Cross, Fire, Thunder, Gesture, Pikap-pika, Proto-Quechua came into being.

Linguistics Psychology: It can explain the idea behind words, sentences, meanings or enciphered codes.

Preceding matters are very vital for making creative linguistics dissertations; therefore you must discuss such matters in your Language Dissertations.

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