Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Step By Step Guide To Writing Dissertations

You have finally decide to write a dissertation on your own and also want to finish it before the deadline than you surely have to get any dissertation writing help so that you can easily cope with the situation. You have to search over the internet for guide to writing dissertation or how to write a dissertation or you can also go through the following article to come up with a good piece of work. But you have to remember that dissertation writing services has nothing to do with writing an essay or term paper, these two things are totally different from each other.

So, here we are providing you some tips on writing a dissertation:

Selecting a dissertation topic:

Before you actually start writing a dissertation, you need to think for an interesting topic that should not only be relevant to your subject but also maintain your interest. In this way, you will enjoy writing a dissertation and will be able to complete it before deadline. These little words will have an immense effect on your overall dissertation so don’t ever take it lightly. Don’t forget to approve it from your instructor!

Research work:

Now, that you are done with the topic selection, you have to a thorough research work in order to gather enough material to complete your dissertation. If you are not able to find out what to do with it, then you can also ask your advisor or the instructor to help you get out of trouble. Search over the internet, you just have to type the topic of your dissertation on the search box and you will get all the information in the world.

Start writing a dissertation:

This is the last stage in a guide to writing dissertations, where you are now done with a very important phase of dissertation writing; all you have to do is now start writing a dissertation. Check if your instructor has provided you with the dissertation format or not, this is the most crucial step in writing a dissertation and if you ignore it for any reason, your dissertation won’t be approved.

I hope you will find the above given guide to writing dissertations helpful but if are not sure then there are many dissertation writing services over the internet which can provide you immense help in writing a dissertation. You can also consult them and see the difference by yourself!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

6 Key Points Of Writing A Good Dissertation

Writing the dissertation for students is sometimes a great pain as it is not only time consuming but also requires a hard work and extensive research. This is the reason they finds internet as their best friend and start searching over it to find out the techniques to come up with a good dissertation and this is the sole reason why I have decided to compile six point for you in writing a good dissertation.

1. Write on the standard format or dissertation:

There is always a format for writing a good dissertation; you just need to simply follow it. You must be provided with the outline when assigning a dissertation but if you are not then you can always ask your instructor to guide you to cope with this issue.

2. Follow the standard citation style:

It is the basic requirement of any college or university that a dissertation is the original production of the students, this can only be done by properly documenting the resources and there are many ways of citing the resources, like, APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford etc. You just need to consult your advisor to know which one is the standard for your college.

3. Decide, what will be the methodology:

Methodologies are employed while writing the dissertation according to the nature and type of the thesis; these methods are generally called as the method of investigation. Some of the methods of investigation are qualitative, quantitative and compare and contrast methods of investigation.

4. Consult your advisor to solve your problems:

Whatever your problem is regarding the dissertation, consult your advisor to solve it. They will provide you answer to every question in order to help you solve your dissertation puzzle.

5. Note down every information that you find important:

While researching and going through the material, don’t forget to note down every bit of information that you find important and that is related to your dissertation, this will help you save your time a lot.

6. Don’t forget to proofread your work:

This is perhaps the most crucial step, you have to read your dissertation again and again after writing the dissertation in order to make sure there in the problem left in it.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Writing Up Dissertation With Some Easy Steps!

Writing up dissertation doesn’t seem to be an easy task for the student nowadays for they have so much other things to do and this assignment needs undivided attention to completed on time. This is why we have decided to compiles some easy steps for the students to cope up with this issue effectively.

Writing Dissertations that works:

Step no. 1:

Check if you have all then notes and lectures taken during the classes and the seminars so that you have the required knowledge in writing up dissertation easily. Also, make sure you have got that form in your hands in which you have been provided the standard writing format of dissertation as different colleges have different standards of writing dissertations.

Step no.2

Let me divide your dissertation in ten sections, 1st, 2nd and 3rd would be in roman numerals and containing acknowledgments, index page and the abstract respectively. After these pages, every section would be numbered in English numbers. Four to eight sections would comprise of five chapters that will be discussed later on. Ninth will be of appendices while tenth will be containing references.

Step no.3:

Gather as much information as possible keeping in mind the relevancy of the topic. Also note down the bibliography of all the resources you are using, this will help you save a lot of time in the end

Step no.4:

Chapter four to eight will be containing the five chapters where you would be discussing the doctoral research where chapter one would be of introduction that will be stating the problem in a concise form.

Step no.5:

This is the section called as literature review, where you have to find the literature work done on the same topic. You just have to provide a review on the literature found.

Step no.6:

Here comes the methodology chapter where you will be deciding how you would conduct the research program. Like what type of method of investigation you would be employing in your dissertation.

Step no.7:

Finally, this is the results section where you would be illustrating the results using the SPSS program.

Step no.8:

This is the discussion chapter where you will be providing the comments that are relevant to the results.

Step no.9:

The last section would be containing the references and bibliography; this will help your work not to be categorized as a plagiarist work.

If you are still confused in writing your dissertation than you can also consult dissertation writing service that can found on the internet easily.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Observing The Difference - Thesis vs Dissertation

Several universities agree with the view point that: There is no difference between thesis and dissertation even definition of thesis vs dissertation is same i.e. “any formal discourse in speech or writing”. Is this sufficient for us to conclude that thesis and dissertation is same?

If you analyze the terms, thesis vs dissertation in a broader point of view; you will see some differences between the two. A thesis is usually required by students to earn their Master’s degree while dissertation is a mandatory requirement for doctorate students.

If you will seek out the difference between thesis and dissertation; you will observe the following points in comparison of thesis vs dissertation:

• Dissertation consumes more time from the students to get completed because they are lengthy while thesis is completed by students in a short span of time since it is concise.

• Thesis work is primarily based on the secondary research whereas dissertations are based upon the original research.

• Thesis is basically written by students to earn scholarships. In contrast to thesis, dissertations are not usually written to get scholarships rather students write them for academic purposes.

• In dissertation, students have to list down the major findings concerning with their topic whereas thesis demand students to conduct a hypothesis based on their research work.

• Arguments play the major role in a thesis. In contrast to thesis, students need to focus on their background research for dissertation.

• A thesis is more like an academic research paper while dissertations are usually written in form of a book.

• Students conclude their viewpoint on the basis of research work in thesis while major findings aid students to infer their conclusion in dissertation.

• Thesis is based on the hypothetical analysis of contents. In contrast to thesis, dissertation is comprised of theory and argumentation based on original research.


Points listed above are the 8 ways of comparing thesis vs dissertation. Last but not least, the points listed above for difference between thesis and dissertation will reverse in the countries where dissertation is the basic requirement to earn the Master’s degree and thesis to earn a doctorate.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Writing Thesis Dissertation Made Easy

Usually students don’t know how to write a thesis dissertation resulting in a total detriment of their grades. Most of the people still believe that the structure for writing a thesis dissertation is the same as writing some essay or term paper. For their information, writing a thesis and dissertation requires a totally different format. To make students get rid of this problem, we have decided to provide a proper format for writing a thesis dissertation.


Remember that abstract will not be considered in the formal word count and that it should not be more than three hundred to four hundred words. Abstract is a short central idea of what a reader should expect to come in the coming paragraphs. Half of the abstract should posses the points that will be elaborated in the thesis and dissertation while rest would be highlighting some recommendations.


It should comprise of only ten percent of your thesis dissertation while giving an overview of the work that will be coming in detail in the coming dissertation. The beginning of the dissertation will be introducing the topic then a short description of some points and then underlining the goals of the dissertation.

Literature review:

It should constitute only twenty percent of your thesis dissertation; you must introduce at least ten references in the dissertation and two to three theories, also highlighting the research questions in your literature review.

Methodology in your dissertation:

This chapter would be discussing the research program of your dissertation which should constitute twenty percent of your whole dissertation. In order to decide what methodology should be incorporated in the thesis and dissertation, one should go back to the literature review and read the research questions.


The discussion chapter would be divided into two parts, that is; the deep analysis of the research work and the final discussion which should comprise of the thirty percent of your whole thesis dissertation.


Wrap up your work into two sub-categories, that is; the final conclusion and some future recommendations.


Make sure, you are properly citing all the resources you have used in your thesis and dissertation, this will save you from the accusation of plagiarism in your work.

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