Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Wanted to Get My Dissertation Approved

My university assigned to submit dissertation proposal for the final dissertation writing while I was in the last semester of my PhD course work. The dissertation proposal which I submitted didn’t get approved by my supervisor. I was disheartened, I was de-motivated. I started to search internet with the hope I may find something useful. I put the keyword dissertation help and found many useful resources, but I stopped on one website which was on the top of search engine results.

I thoroughly read the content of website, and found a ray of hope. I asked the guys of that website for help and they promised to help me for my dissertation proposal. Therefore, with the help of these guys, I successfully submitted dissertation proposal to supervisor, which he approved instantly.

After the approval of dissertation from co-adviser and Dean of faculty, it was the time to do the core dissertation writing. Writing a dissertation was more than thousand time difficult than writing a dissertation proposal. I again asked these guys to provide me help and they promised to help me whenever I want. Finally, I completed my dissertation on time with the help of these guys and got it approved by the faculty.

This is a just a summary of the story that how my dissertation got approved. Read my full story here…

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