Thursday, December 4, 2014

3 Key Features Mulled over Before Master’s Dissertation Writing

• This is the first time for writing a dissertation and are looking up for inclusive masters dissertation writing guide to uphold the premium quality of the work Usually, it is not possible to get a good job without a proper Master’s degree and for that, you need to produce a compelling research paper. A master’s dissertation writing can become a nightmare if you do not possess tremendous research skills.

There are 3 basic features of how to write a masters dissertation that are considered before putting the pen to paper.

1. Selecting The Right Topic

Students must always choose a topic that interests them. But their study must also address the issues that will make a major contribution in the academic as well as professional field of their area.

2. Targeting The Key Areas of Dissertation Writing

A coherent structure of the master’s dissertation covers 5 major sections

i. Introduction

A theoretical definition of key constructs and the framework in which they will be used are discussed in this chapter.

ii. Literature Review

Use past studies to build a strong background and a better understanding of your topic. It will indicate the historical significance of the topic and will provide a substantial backing to the study.
iii. Methodology

This chapter encompasses research method and research design. You need to give details of how will you carry your research and what methods will you apply to find the data. It also provides the comparison and justification of the chosen research method.

iv. Findings and Analysis

It discusses the results and evaluates the trends from those results. This section gives convincing evidence to what has been found through the research.

v. Conclusion

The last chapter of the dissertation gives the practical implication to the results. It shows the way the data should be used to resolve the issues related to the subject area.

3. Preparing The Final Draft

The final draft must contain following 12 headings to complete an articulate master’s dissertation
S.No. Headings Description

i. Title page         Mention the topic undersigned by you
ii. Abstract         an overview or short summary of the whole research
iii. Table of content a list of chapters of the research paper
iv. Introduction Definition of key terms and their usage
v. Literature review a reference to earlier researches
vi. Methodology the approach and design of the research
vii. Results the findings of the research
viii. Analysis         The evaluation of the result
ix. Conclusion Making recommendation for the steps that must be taken
x. References A list of sources used in the research
xi. Bibliography A list of sources that were read but not used in the research. It is for further recommendation
xii. Appendices Supplementary material relevant to the study

This article is a complete guideline for master’s dissertation writing that if properly done will help you in achieving your master.

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