Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Wanted to Get My Dissertation Approved

My university assigned to submit dissertation proposal for the final dissertation writing while I was in the last semester of my PhD course work. The dissertation proposal which I submitted didn’t get approved by my supervisor. I was disheartened, I was de-motivated. I started to search internet with the hope I may find something useful. I put the keyword dissertation help and found many useful resources, but I stopped on one website which was on the top of search engine results.

I thoroughly read the content of website, and found a ray of hope. I asked the guys of that website for help and they promised to help me for my dissertation proposal. Therefore, with the help of these guys, I successfully submitted dissertation proposal to supervisor, which he approved instantly.

After the approval of dissertation from co-adviser and Dean of faculty, it was the time to do the core dissertation writing. Writing a dissertation was more than thousand time difficult than writing a dissertation proposal. I again asked these guys to provide me help and they promised to help me whenever I want. Finally, I completed my dissertation on time with the help of these guys and got it approved by the faculty.

This is a just a summary of the story that how my dissertation got approved. Read my full story here…

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Essay Writing Help For All Students

Good News For Students!

Essay Writing Help For All Students - "Essay Answers" Platform Launched Inspired By "Yahoo Answers!"

Custom-Essays-Lab, the educational company which provides custom essay writing services to UK students have just launched a very interesting platform like Yahoo Answers. They have named it "Essay Answers", a platform for students to share their essay writing knowledge following the Program's agenda: Help & Be Helped...

Dr. Calvert Connel, CEO of Custom-Essays-Lab said that after getting a lots of online essay queries by students through his personal mailing help assistance he decided to start a platform similar to that of Yahoo Answers. He said that it was almost impossible for him to respond hundreds of essay writing queries a day, so he thought he should better start a platform though his essay service domain to let students put their essay problems and get them solved by the genius students. The interesting part is, he himself is going to contribute in that platform to ensure the credibility of the information.

Now this is the time for students to stop being troubled by searching heap of trash that is so abundant online. Here is the one stop solution for your essay writing problems. One can be sure about it by analyzing their comprehensive essay categories. Here follows the list:

* Essay Writing Tips
* Essay Topics Help
* Popular Essay Types
* Essay Mistakes Detection
* Essay Formatting & Styles
* Avoiding Plagiarism
* Essay Submission Tips
* Referencing & Citations
* Essay Writing Exercises

Each categories constitutes questions and answers that are specifically relevant. For e.g, if you go to the "Essay Topics Help" category you will find several questions on subjects like "controversial essay topics", "illustration essay topics", and so on.

Go and prove yourself a genius in educational world. Or if you need some essay help, put a question and be helped!

For More Information Contact:

Calvert Connel

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Different Ways of Writing a Dissertation

Dissertation writing is one of the most important writing skills a college student can have under their belt. These skills will enable the student to research, write and aptly show people their understanding of certain subjects.

The first thing that a Management Dissertation Topics should include is that of the statement. In the dissertation statement, this part shows the readers your intention to research certain subjects that will be included in the paper. This provides the student with a solid and reasonable foundation in which to start their paper and their research. Some students like to input a personal opinion or knowledge into this section.

There is no definite structure to a Management Dissertation Topics, however, it is easier to write and stay on top of if you do follow a set structure. The structure should look something like the following:

Title Page: This reflects the nature of the work and the research going into it, your name as the author, a statement about the specific program that you paper is submitted within in. Finally it should contain the date of the actual submission.

Abstract: This is a summary of your particular objectives within your paper and what you hope to achieve by researching the subject. It should also include the methodology that you have used and also what you have found by researching your subject.

Content List: This part of the dissertation should include all of your chapters and sub chapters within your dissertation paper.

Additional List: This list has to include any illustrations, diagrams or tables that you within your dissertation paper.

Acknowledgement: This section is for any acknowledgments that need to be made.

Main Text: This is the body of your Management Dissertation Topics and should include sections for all of your points made and research found. IT should also have the appropriate headings within.

References: This is the section where all the citations will be found as you have made them through your paper. It is easier to write this as you write your paper. Then double check you have included them all as your proofread your final draft of the dissertation.

Appendices: This final part of your dissertation is to include all the different parts of the writing that don't make actual and direct input to the main text.

It is always worthwhile making time for setting out the structure properly before you actually start writing your dissertation. This enables you to complete it quicker as you are properly organized and prepared. You could always look at other completed dissertations to see how they have structured it and take ideas for your own structure. This helps to make it clearer when creating your own.

Dissertation writing is laborious and can take some patience and a lot of time. However, if planned properly, you may find you are able to complete it quicker than those that don't plan ahead of time.

Concentration is the key to writing a great Management Dissertation Topics. Find somewhere quiet that you can take the time to peruse your writing without distractions. Distractions may cause you to lose the plot when writing and forget the point you were trying to make. This is also a good time to write a plan and write specific points in shorthand as you write the main dissertation. This stops you from forgetting what you have already written about and stops you from repeating yourself.

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Dissertation Writing With S.m.a.r.t Approach!

A dissertation is a kind of documentary record that highlights the author's scholastic aptitude. Such a dissertation is mandatory for higher order degrees like doctorates and PhDs. A dissertation is very similar to a thesis considering that both are required to be submitted in order to apply for a doctoral program. However, the terms have a definitive distinction. A dissertation can be simply a treatise created by bringing together data and information from different sources. On the other hand, a thesis is expected to be an original work of research. While both need to compile from prevalent data, a thesis is given a higher weight age than a dissertation

Writing a Marketing Dissertation Topic is perhaps the most demanding piece of writing an academic writer can undertake, those who decide to accept the challenge of writing the doctoral dissertation regard it with awe, fear, and anxiety. Now, we won't lie to you and tell you that writing a doctoral dissertation could ever be easy, but the following article provides tips and ideas to help ease the difficulties associated with the doctoral dissertation writing process.

The Marketing Dissertation Topic forms the cornerstone of most undergraduate degree programs. It provides the student with an opportunity to develop research skills and critical thinking techniques; it is also often the first real test of a student’s report writing skills. Given its importance, it is perhaps surprising that many students do not know how to write a dissertation and what a dissertation actually entails—that is, of course, until they’ve done one. Unfortunately, many students get to grips with the process only through experience, and the first one can therefore be an uncomfortable and steep learning curve

One clear way to make sure your Marketing Dissertation Topic is achievable is to have concrete aims and objectives in mind. These should be as SMART as possible:

? Specific—having just one indicator

? Measurable—show a change from the baseline

? Achievable—be realistic and fit with timescales

? Relevant—move the project towards its goal

? Timely—divide up into milestones.

When writing dissertation, do not treat like coursework assignments, which can be completed in a short time period. Dissertations require consistent work over several months and regular contact with your supervisor.

In the final analysis the onus for completing this work lies with you, it is not the supervisor's task to chase you.

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5 Steps to Researching Your Dissertation

Assuming that you have thought about your research project, it’s probably time for you to start researching your Media Dissertation. There are a few things that are important to do to make sure your assignment is the best it can be.

Before you move on to researching, you need to check that you’re ready to progress. Make sure that you are confident that you have the ability to get through the necessary steps and complete your Media Dissertation project, and also that you know enough background information. Make sure you are feeling motivated, or take a few nights out until you are feeling more ready to work.

Then, read through somebody else’s research proposal. Look at how the proposal was organised, what headings were used, if the proposal seems clear, if it suggests the writer knows the subject area well, and if you can model your proposal like that. If you can’t find proposals, then ask your advisor to help you find some, and have a read through. This should give you a better idea of what your proposal should look like, and what you will want it to look like.

Next, make sure your Media Dissertation proposal has a comprehensive and up to date list of the literature included. It is a lot easier to produce this now, rather than wait until the end; and if you learn from people who preceded you, you’ll be a lot better informed. Photocopy any relevant articles and sections, so you have the original source, and keep your photocopies organised.

Focus your research on a specific area. If your area is too broad, you will not be able to do the project and the research will take far too long. When you complete your research, it is vital that you have something specific and definitive to say. If you have not done enough research, you won’t be able to reach a conclusion. Often, researchers find out that what they had thought was an initially a good project is actually a group of projects. It is okay to narrow this down and leave some projects for later in your career. By doing this, your project will gain more marks for being specific and conclusive.

Now make the important decisions. Make a set of questions that will guide your research. When you are selecting these questions, remember that they must establish a link between your research and the other research that has preceded yours. Your questions should also clearly show the connection of your relationship to your field of study. Don’t get carried away and make your questions too narrow, they should be broad, relational questions. Make sure your research will be of benefit to those who will participate in the research. They have the right to understand what you are doing and you have a responsibility to share the findings with them for their reaction. Where you will conduct the research is also important. Consider where you will get the most results, and the least distractions. A lot of students choose to go home, but then find themselves distracted by other obligations when they get there. Make your decision carefully.

Lastly, choose your methodology wisely. Don’t be too quick in dismissing ideas because you don’t like maths. Consider every different type available and really consider what will be the best for your project.

Now, collect the data, conduct your analyses and write the Media Dissertation!

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The Six Guidelines for Dissertation Literature Review

In the process of creating the work it is very important to pay attention to the Politics Dissertation review in order to prove your paper’s accuracy. Politics Dissertation review is a register or summary of used resources related to the topic of the dissertation project. Here are a few guidelines you should follow during the dissertation literature reviews writing stage.

Use evidence

A Politics Dissertation review in this sense is just like any other academic writing research paper. Your interpretation of the available sources must be backed up with evidence to show that what you are saying is valid.

Be selective

Select only the most important points in each source to highlight in the review.

The type of information you choose to mention should relate directly to the review’s focus, whether it is thematic, methodological, or chronological.

Use quotes sparingly

The survey nature of the Politics Dissertation review does not allow for in-depth discussion or detailed quotes from the text. Some short quotes here and there are okay; though if you want to emphasize a point, but if you find yourself wanting to put in more quotes, check with your instructor.

Summarize and synthesize

Remember to summarize and synthesize your sources within each paragraph as well as throughout the review.

Keep your own voice

While the Politics Dissertation review presents others’ ideas, your voice should remain front and center.

Use caution when paraphrasing

When paraphrasing a source that is not your own, be sure to represent the author’s information or opinions accurately and in your own words.

Now after you get draft in hand? The first thing is to revise. Spending a lot of time revising is a wise idea, because your main objective is to present the material, not the argument. So check over your Politics Dissertation help reviews again to make sure it follows the assignment and/or your outline. Then just as you would for most other academic forms of writing, rewrite or rework the language of your review so that you’ve presented your information in the most concise manner possible. Be sure to use terminology familiar to your audience; get rid of unnecessary jargon or slang. Finally, double check that you’ve documented your sources and formatted the review appropriately for your discipline.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How To Write A Good Masters Dissertation?

I’ve just finished my LLB and I opted for the dissertation module. My dissertation was only 12,000 words but I managed to pull a 2:1 in it, so here is my advice on how to write a good dissertation to all those students seeking help with dissertation writing;

1) Get it clear in your head how the chapters and going to be divided and buy your self some folders to cover each chapter.

2) Begin as soon as possible with the research for each chapter, any current events relevant, print them off and put under the respective folder (its really hard otherwise to find archive stories you remember from months ago)

3) Look into the resources available to you, e.g. British Library Inter-loan. Also look to see if your uni is involved with any library share schemes with other uni libraries.

4) Use as many sources as you can, however peer reviewed journals are the best. Also look to films, documentaries, speeches, hansard. This variety enriches your research.

5) Ensure you follow the citation procedure closely. Are using OSCOLA, Harvard... correctly?

6) Read eloquent and articulate journals, force yourself to read them and try so adopt there style into your own writing, it will push your work up to a whole new level.

7) Ensure your first chapter is intriguing and forces the reader to carry on reading. Pour your passion into the first chapter, albeit in a third person perspective.

8) My supervisor told me a good dissertation should have 150+ footnotes. Has yours?

9) Try to study in different places at different times. This sounds weird, I thought it sounded weird when my supervisor told me, but it does really help. I split my study spaces between home, my uni library and I visited another uni and used their library.

10) Take care of yourself. Ensure yourself plenty of time, eat well, drink plenty (water).

11) Spend a nice sum on binding your dissertation; marks are usually awarded for presentation and makes it feel its worthy to be read.

Best of luck
LLB Law Graduate

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